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Christopher Hex

I have experience as a product manager and full-stack developer. Collaborating on products with a positive impact is what gets me out of bed every morning.

How Can I Help?

Building a product or service is a complex undertaking. It requires engineering, marketing, communication, strategic and business skills. My strength lies in the combination of these skills to bring the puzzle together into a cohesive experience.

Product Communication

Effective product communication is the foundation of every successful product.
I’ll create content for your target audience in the most appropriate format.

Product Management

There are always more ideas than resources to implement them.
I’ll help you align marketing, business and engineering teams.

Digital Product Development

You have ideas, but miss the knowledge to bring them from 0 to 1.
I can bring hands-on coding experience in electronics and IT to get your product to the next level.

Sounds interesting? Reach out! Let’s have a ☕ and see if we can create something amazing together.